What to expect at our classes

If you are brand new to Modern Jive, your first night may be a bit scary - or so you think!   Every week we have a large amount of NEW Jivers! You will not be alone on your first outing, so don't feel you are.  Our classes start at 8pm and there is a 40-45 minute class for beginners which will teach you 3 or 4 beginner moves, after that 15 minutes of practise then a more challenging intermediate class.  

During the intermediate class we have experienced team coaches available for the beginners who will go over the routine we have just taught, boost your confidence, and can even take you through additional moves if your ready.  Once the intermediate class has finished, the night takes on a different feel - its time to let the DJ take over, with uniterupted music being played for you to really get into the feel of things. Practice is the key! By the end of your first night, you will be able to dance, and probably be addicted to coming again!

Guest teachers Dan and Miranda Teaching a smooth jive class

Some things you may need to know 

*You don't need to bring a partner

   * It's a male lead dance, so ladies follow

* Make the most of the freestyle time - the more you dance, the quicker you learn

* It doesn't matter if you can't make it every week

 * you will need shoes that you can spin in easily - avoid trainers, rubber soles and stilleto heals

* Its 'warm' work all this dancing - think about bringing a change of top and perhaps a towel

* It's a male lead dance, so ladies follow

 * Dress code is casual - make sure you feel comfortable

* Be prepared to increase your chrstmas card list - with the number of new friends you will be making!


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